Being in the field of Social Work, one becomes very familiar with the various types of therapy to utilize with clients, and which approach will work the best with an individual. Over the years, I have mastered my own therapy for my own personal gain; I’ve labelled it Running Therapy (RT).  Not only does RT help me stay physically fit, but it also assists me in existing in my “good place.” Our days are often full of situations that cause us stress; work, family, financial obligations, driving (my own personal issue), and it is important that we find outlets to help us relieve this stress or it can cause both physical and mental harm.  Running is my therapy.

If it’s early morning on the treadmill or outside on the trails, I am able to process through the expectations of the day by planning for possibilities that may be ahead (positive or negative).  I tell myself that I can handle anything today. If it’s an after work run, there is the opportunity to review the events of the day, and focus on the fact that I made it through. Outdoor runs allow you to be grateful for the small things and be amazed at God’s creations.  The smells and sounds, even of your own breathing, takes you places that are undiscoverable through any other method. Sometimes I even begin to wonder, “What the heck am I doing this for?” Then I remember, “I need the good place.” I need to feel good about myself, to feel a sense of accomplishment and this is my intervention.  RT isn’t for everyone, but if you are a runner, you understand.

Ambassador Mitze Alexander