Happy spring everyone!

Just a few things this week as we start to move forward with training this spring and some training tips.

Spring Break:
When you go on vacation, it’s easy to forget about your training. Find time in the day to MAKE it happen. Be smart about your training and your diet while traveling. it’s easy to make bad choices and not think about what you are doing to your body and the work that you have already done. You need to fuel your body properly to get the most out of your training. Also while you travel remember to take breaks – take some time to STRETCH! While a rest stop is not the most ideal area to do this – it’s better than being super tight as you drive all those miles!

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With warmer weather on the horizon we are super excited to be releasing the training calendar for all three of our events! There are quite a few things to prep yourself for a proper and successful training session!

First and most important, check with your family doctor or physician to be sure your body is ready for what you are about to do. The obvious physical aspect of running and walking can take its toll – BUT – the results are worth the long runs and training. Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns!

Secondly, do you have the proper gear? Proper gear is essential to your training and can be overwhelming to navigate the options. You should have a good pair of shoes and something comfortable to wear while you run. Long are the cotton shirt days as clothing made of cotton holds sweat  which can make you cold and miserable even on a warm day. Technical apparel which is worn next to your skin is designed to pull, or wick, moisture (sweat) away from your body. Our friends and sponsor at Gazelle Sports can help you with all your gear needs. There are several locations around West Michigan and their team of experts are very knowledgable!

, the actual training. The runs that are on the calendar below are on there to help build your endurance and body for the miles that you will be walking / running in June. There are several days that are labeled CT, which stands for Cross Training and LT which stands for long runs. So what is cross training and long runs and why do I need to do them?

  • Cross training is a way for your body to use different muscles that will help your body recover from the monotony of running and pounding the pavement. What are good forms of cross training you ask? Swimming, biking, hiking or even walking are good forms of cross training. Avoid things like soccer, tennis or basketball. The sudden movements from side to side can risk an injury.
  • Long runs! Long runs are always better with friends, groups or running clubs. As stated in previous posts  and on our website – there are several around the Muskegon and Grand Rapids area. If you have to do them on your own, plan ahead. Drop water the night before and make sure you prepare yourself IF you have to do them on your own.

Our training calendar can be adjusted – meaning if you don’t have the time to do a long run on a Saturday or Sunday but you do in the middle of the week…make the adjustment. Use the calendar as a foundation for your training. Listen to your body and be smart in your training. If your body hurts – slow down. If it feels good and you want to push your pace a little – that’s fine. Train smart and LISTEN to your body.

Happy training! See you at the starting line June 23!