For most of us, it is almost too easy to justify missing a run due to work, family, or unexpected obligations. It always feels like the easy way out, but often leaves us feeling guilty, lethargic, and maybe even antsy from the exceHOW TO BALANCE RUNNING AND LIFEss energy that we have for the day. Here are some tips that hopefully you can use during the weeks leading to the Mercy Health Seaway Run.

Time Management
Is the most critical point of creating that balance. While it seems both obvious and daunting, it’s entirely feasible. We all have such jam packed schedules with so many obligations. Whether you’re a student, parent, or work full time(or all of the above)life is busy so you need to plan ahead and be prepared. This means isolating certain times of the day if your schedule allows to get a run in, setting themes for those particular days, and meal planning when you can.

Group Runs
Often, group runs are an underutilized resource to get quality miles in and here in West Michigan we have plenty of great groups that you can join. Not only do you have the fun of building relationships in the community, but you also can benefit from having someone keep you to your word for those early morning training long runs, and you have a partner/group to keep you safe and visible during those night runs. Remember safety is first! Running groups sometimes even attend races together, and have racing benefits for a low-cost membership fee. It always adds a pep in your step on the last few miles to have someone cheering your name!

Maintaining consistency is key to balancing your Running Life with your Non-Running Life. When you consistently run in the morning, whether that’s every morning, or every Friday, you begin to fall into your strut, much like falling into your pace in a race. Consistency will help form your new habit of incorporating a run into your routine!

You might be sick of hearing this all the time, but it’s never too important to stress the importance of eating right and hydration. Make sure you are running off of the fuel that is right for you and test out what works for you before race day. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. Please note per experience it is best to experiment with new foods before easy runs.

Budget Sleep
SLEEP is so important! Besides properly fueling and hydrating you also need to make sure that you’re properly recovering and that means resting your body. Try not to get at least 8 hours of sleep if possible and make sure you are getting a good nights rest leading up to race day. Your body will thank you!

Happy Running and see you at the start line!